Tuesday, June 06, 2006

VoIP News: VoIP links virtual transatlantic yachtswoman to real world.

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Submitter: David Pincott
Release Date: 05-06-2006
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PRESS RELEASE 5 June 2006 Virtual transatlantic yachtswoman links to real world with new VoIP range ProVu (www.provu.co.uk), the supplier of innovative, video and voice communication equipment today (5 June) launched two new VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phones at a unique event in London.

The solo yachtswoman, Lia Ditton, has just begun a virtual voyage on board the 40-foot racing trimaran ProVu – firmly fixed on dry land. Over the next 28 days she will live and work on board recreating an Atlantic crossing – her isolation broken only by contact via VoIP. Friends, family, and media are invited to talk and interact with her in this unprecedented blend of performance art, yachting, endurance and internet telephony.

Lia will be using two new phones from ProVu. The Siemens Dual C460IP DECT offers the best of all worlds as it provides cordless telephony over both the standard (PSTN) network and the internet – and unlike most existing VoIP phones you don’t need to have a PC. It’s ideal for use in the home or a small business as you can make cheap or even free VoIP calls simply by connecting the base terminal to a broadband router while still having access to standard telephone service. Lia will also be using ProVu’s newly updated Snom 300 IP phone for the first time in the UK.

ProVu considers Lia’s performance art event to be a unique way to demonstrate the benefits of these new phones. ProVu’s chairman, Peter Bryant, said: “Products like this, where the public’s familiarity is not yet at the level where they are readily understood, need to be launched in an attention-grabbing way. Keeping Lia in touch with the outside world whilst she combines performance art with her yachting achievements is unique in that it draws attention to the product whilst demonstrating exactly what it can do.”

For further information or pictures of this event or to arrange your own VoIP talk with either Lia or Peter Bryant of ProVu, please email- david.pincott@btinternet.com or call- 07866 261198 or Robert Dunnett on- robert.dunnett@talk21.com or - 07739 903769.



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