Thursday, June 22, 2006

Businesses increasingly looking to convergence

Recent research shows that VoIP (voice over internet protocol) projects and IP convergence are increasingly being employed by enterprises to save money and increase flexibility.

The study by TheInfoPro reveals that many US Fortune 1,000 and mid-market companies are planning to implement VoIP technologies, such as IP PBX and Sip products.

Respondents to the survey demonstrated that Sip tools were being used by 22 per cent of businesses interviewed, while 27 per cent planned to utilise or pilot the technology this year.

The new statistics follow a survey by the economist unit of AT&T, the largest telecoms company in the US, which revealed that 73 per cent of senior executives believed that converged IP networks could leverage more efficient collaboration with partners, customers and suppliers.

The AT&T report also indicates that multichannel approaches will increase in popularity over the next two years, with statistics illustrating that whereas only nine per cent of businesses interact with their customers via video link at the moment, 50 per cent of respondents are planning to implement the tool in the future.


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