Monday, May 22, 2006

VoIP for Mac / Apples now

Mac-Skypers Delivered Dedicated VoIP Handset

By Erik Linask of

Now that Apple has joined mainstream computing — in the sense that it is now producing PCs powered by Intel chipsets — it also is looking to make inroads in other aspects of computing and communications. Indeed, with the multitude of third-party manufacturers unveiling various VoIP products, noticeably left out are loyal Mac users.

It may be but a single product, but it signals a new era for the Mac user community —VoIP products developer VoIPVoice has announced the release of its anticipated CyberPhone W for Mac, a Skype -compatible handset specifically designed for use with Apple’s computing products.

This release also signifies a new age for Skype, as it is now fully accessible to the Apple community. The VoIPVoice handset frees Mac Skypers from their headsets, allowing them to Skype via a handeset.

The CyberPhone W for Mac is the first Skype-certified device to be available in Apple stores universally, including its latest, which opened last week on New York’s famous Fifth Avenue. The handset delivers high quality sound features:

Leading edge design for visual appeal;
Skype integration to simplify VoIP calling;
Look and feel of a conventional handset;
Keypad-based Skype contacts management;
SkypeOut capability from keypad;
Built-in LED to indicate incoming calls, voice mails, status.

The Mac Cyberphone will be available exclusively at Apple’s retail outlets for a four-week period, following which it will also be available for purchase from the VoIPVoice online store and Skype’s online shop.


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