Thursday, April 27, 2006

Welcome Copper Customers

When this blog first started at the beginning of the year we covered the very basics of VoIP and have kind of moved on from there. But for those of you who maybe brand new to VoIP I will repost the FAQ posts I had done earlier. Do not let the technology scare you. Plenty of people are using it. Hope these help. Be sure to check out VoIP Discounts for the best deals on ECR Voice.

What is Voice Over IP?
Voice Over IP (VoIP) allows you to make telephone calls using a computer network, over a data network like the Internet. VoIP converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that travels over the internet then converts it back at the other end so you can speak to anyone with a regular phone number. When placing a VoIP call using a phone with an adapter, you'll hear a dial tone and dial just as you always have. VoIP may also allow you to make a call directly from a computer using a conventional telephone or a microphone.
What are the advantages of Voice over IP?
The obvious answer is price. You can often get VoIP service and your broadband service for less than your regular phone bill alone. Also, you get many of the features that the phone services nickel and dime you for, for free.! This is in most cases, some service still try to make an extra buck on some features so be sure to ask. Voice over IP service can also give you features just not available with standard phone service. Some examples are voice mail to email and the ability to take your phone number with you. Take your phone number with you? That's right. Simply take your phone adapter with you and plug it into a highspeed connection in your hotel, friend, or family's house and you phone number is hooked up there with you.
Can I keep my number?
Okay now we start this week with some the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about VoIP. Probably the number one concern with most people who are thinking about switching to a Voice Over IP provider is "Can I keep my number?" The answer is yes!! Usually most providers will assign you a temporary number to your box at first. Then you will simply fill out a form for the new provider who will use that to get the number from you existing phone company. This is called porting your number. If you are planning to port your number to NOT cancel your existing service right away. Wait until you get confirmation from your VoIP provider that they have ported your number. Otherwise your current phone company may give you number away to someone else. It is pretty much the same process if you are afraid you may go back to the standard land line after VoIP. So there are no worries, if you take the proper steps, about losing your number.
If I plug my phone into my box, does that mean I have only one phone I can answer?
There are two ways to get around this. The first one takes a little doing. You take the phone line from the back of your voip box and plug it directly into the wall jack. You then go outside to the box coming in from the phone company and disconnect their line coming in. Then just like that all your jacks are now ready for VoIP service. The second answer is a little easier. You get expandable cordless phones. Only the base phone needs to be plugged into a jack. The rest need only an outlet and satellite the phone service off the base phone. This is a great and easy way to expand your phones to anywhere in the house.


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