Tuesday, March 14, 2006

VoIP Holds a Pep Rally

Firms offering voice and video over the Internet are meeting to tout themselves as telco replacements.

VoIP companies are expected to use an Internet telephony conference this week as a major pep rally to argue they can offer reliable service capable of replacing usually more costly wireless and landline phone service, analysts said Tuesday.

Based in downtown San Jose, California, the VON, or Voice On the Net, conference is seen drawing more than 300 communications companies hawking VoIP products, as well as the major phone and cable companies looking for startups and emerging technologies.

“During the past 10 years, it has been great to watch the Voice side of VON grow up and become ‘mainstream’ both in the way the technology is being used across the communications industry as well as a disruptor of worldwide public policy,” VON Founder Jeff Pulver said in a statement.

Analysts said they expect companies to announce major moves into wireless VoIP as well as video-based Internet telephony. They also anticipate a heated debate over the issue of Net neutrality, or whether the Internet conduits should be open to everyone. Network owners want to charge content providers or other companies that want to piggyback on the network.

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