Thursday, March 23, 2006

Shaw Sued by U.S. VoIP Provider

By Johanne Torres
TMCnet Contributing Editor

It seems like Shaw Communications shady consumer acquisition practices keep getting the company in serious trouble. The company was just slammed with a $1.2 million lawsuit from U.S.-based VoIP provider ZingoTel. ZingoTel claims that the Canadian cable operator refused to air a ZingoTel television ad because it promoted a competing VoIP-based calling service.

According to an article published in the Calgary Herald, ZingoTel had agreed to pay Corus Entertainment, Shaw's media buyer, a total of $36,000 to air the ad in one of the cable operator's channels. "The ad was later vetoed by Shaw chief executive Jim Shaw, according to ZingoTel's statement of claim. It alleges Corus was informed by e-mail that 'Shaw will not accept any VoIP advertising business on cable.'


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