Thursday, February 16, 2006

Where is the VoIP, Micorsoft?

Excellent question raised....

Posted by Russell Shaw @ 7:00 am on zdnet blog...

I have been touring Microsoft's new kind of hosted
Office Live beta.
What a waste of server space. Or, as my
colleague Phil Wainewright rightly says:
The power of Microsoft's branding is so great that slapping the labels 'Live' and 'Office' on a piecemeal bundle of rehashed services seems to have the whole world
agog. The evidence doesn't justify the excitement. Today's beta of Office Live is a repackaging of various web presence offerings that Microsoft previously tried (and largely failed) to market under the bcentral brand for a number of years.

And to that, I add: where's the VoIP?

Seems to me the Office Live Mail feature could really use a click-to-talk button. Oh sure there is an MSN Messenger icon but what if you wanted a real in-the-ear conversation with the person that just emailed you? Isn't that why
Microsoft bought Teleo last August?

Oh, sorry. That's probably another division. And not always do separate divisions of a company that is more Balkanized than you think talk to each other.

Rest of the story here.


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