Monday, February 13, 2006

PhotoSite Celebrates Launch of Album Gallery with 'What Love Means to Me' Contest for Valentine's Day

OK , so this one may be stretching it a little to connect VoIP to Valentine's day, but United Online is hosting a Valentine's Day related photo contest...
Winners in Five Categories Receive $500

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., -- Online photo-sharing service PhotoSite will host a "What Loves Means to Me" photo contest to celebrate the Valentine's Day holiday and the launch of its new Album Gallery. Members are encouraged to upload and enter photos that best represent what love means to them, whether it be romantic love, unrequited love, love gone bad or puppy love.

"Love is such an important emotion and it's expressed in so many different ways," said Heidi Gibson, vice president of PhotoSite. "To some, love might be a spouse or a parent, while to others it might be a cold beer and a ball game on the big screen. It really just depends on the individual. There are over 300,000 members in the PhotoSite community and we're encouraging people to be really creative in their entries, so we anticipate a wide range of photos."

The contest will run from February 7th through the day after Valentine's Day, February 15th and is open to all new and existing PhotoSite free and PhotoSite paid members. Winners will be selected in five categories: -- Most Romantic
-- Most Humorous
-- Most Creative
-- Most Surprising
-- Most Inspired


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