Thursday, February 09, 2006

The last of the first long distance calls

Usually I only list news about the newer updated forms of communication, but I thought this was important to note as well.

On Friday January 27th Western Union closed a chapter of communication history and sent their last telegram. With no big fanfare Western Union has decided to stop sending telegrams.

On May, 24, 1844 the first telegram ever was sent by Samuel L. Morse. Sent from Washington to Baltimore, the message read, "what hath God wrought."Over the next few decades, telegraphs invented by Morse and his assistant, Alfred Vail, where deployed around the nation and around the world. The first Transatlantic Telegraph cable was successfully completed on July 27, 1866.

So if you never received a Western Union telegram before, like I suspect most haven't you never will. I think they missed a chance at making some good money by not announcing it ahead of time. I think a lot of people would have sent one just to say they had done it. Oh well...too late now I guess.


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