Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Okay so Lingo is up there with one the top 10 of Voice Over IP providers. I read over a 150 reviews about Lingo and I would say only a dozen of them were good ones. The average rating on one site was 4.0 out of 10. There were even reviews with in the past couple of weeks. Among the major disadvantages listed about Lingo is that its voice quality is not among the top in the industry. Lingo's highlight was its low international rates, which is good for international callers.

Lingo does offer the first month free, but do charge a set up fee of $29.95. They also have a cancellation fee of $39.95 if you cancel in the first 12 months and do not buy their approved equipment. So for most people there should be no cancellation fee. Also if you have multiple lines and cancel one of those lines the $39.95 fee may apply as well.


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