Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What are the advantages of Voice over IP?

The obvious answer is price. You can often get VoIP service and your broadband service for less than your regular phone bill alone. Also, you get many of the features that the phone services nickel and dime you for, for free.! This is in most cases, some service still try to make an extra buck on some features so be sure to ask. Voice over IP service can also give you features just not available with standard phone service. Some examples are voice mail to email and the ability to take your phone number with you.

Take your phone number with you? That's right. Simply take your phone adapter with you and plug it into a highspeed connection in your hotel, friend, or family's house and you phone number is hooked up there with you.

Are there any disadvantages? They are few and far between and will look at those in the next post.


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